BLANKET TESTING EQUIPMENT Hanco’s blanket test units are modular in design and offer total flexibility in setting up your test facility.





  • Blanket testers are available in models with one through four drawers, as well as an eight drawer model with a center control panel with either a straight in-line or corner power panel
  • The unit is capable of testing Class 0 through Class 4 blankets
  • Models are available in 36” or 46” drawer sizes. Select the model based on the largest sized blanket in your system.
  • All drawers are mounted on ball bearing drawer slides for effortless operating
  • Units are available with their own power control panel or can be slaved to another Hanco test unit
  • Electrode lifting mechanisms are operated pneumatically and take only seconds for top charging of electrodes
  • Any size, class or style of blanket electrode can be used in any drawer. Electrodes are completely interchangeable.
  • Electrodes are made from aluminum and set in ozone and anti-tracking resistant material. The edges are smoothly rounded and treated with special stress relief materials to control corona discharge
  • Bottom electrodes index into the drawer with locater pins for positive alignment
  • Digital load indicators on the control panel confirm that each drawer is operating for the complete duration of the test
  • All drawers and doors are equipped with a safety interlock system
  • Fully-filtered air inlets to keep dust and other contaminants out of test cabinet


Standard Features:


  • Automatic digital fault detection, digital load sensing, digital leakage readout and power cycle
  • Standard 50KVAC power supply with optional 100KVDC power supply or a combination for both AC and DC testing
  • The high voltage test compartment contains mechanical grounding devices and safety interlock system with audible and visual warning signals covering all entries into the test cabinet for full operator safety and protection.
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • PLC is self-diagnostic
  • All cabinets are made with formed 12-gauge steel, coated with primer and two coats of epoxy paint. Cabinets are rust and corrosion resistant
  • Automatic ozone depletion and dispersal system with programmed delays to insure complete removal of ozone from the testing cabinet
  • Digital voltmeter indicator
  • Leakage reading with a single set point for all test positions
  • Leakage digital milliamp monitor during the entire duration of the test
  • Voltmeters programmed to save peak voltage
  • Digital cycle timer
  • Insufficient air pressure warning indication
  • Control system has option for either manual or automatic cycle operation
  • Standard input voltage is 240V single phase with other inputs optional (specify when ordering)
  • Standard A.B. Panelview control system with full color display



Hanco also offers:


  • CAD-designed lab layouts with all equipment needed for a turnkey lab operation
  • Technical phone support
  • Complete field service support
  • On-site operator training and certification
  • On-site equipment calibration, inspection and certification (as required by ASTM and OSHA). All systems are checked as required for full compliance.




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