RUBBER GOODS WASHERS AND DRYERS Hanco manufactures a full line of washers and dryers to meet your special needs. We also carry a full line of electronic, tumble-style washers with various capabilities manufactured and engineered for long lasting industrial applications.

Automated Washers for Rubber Goods

Our washing machines have been engineered to clean rubber goods, especially the extra-long line hose. With a single door on the top of the cabinet, and a dual door access to the drum, loading line hose has never been easier. The large 46” x 46” blankets are also easier to load into the machine. Dual rinse cycles are standard on all washers.



  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Simple start/stop controls
  • Available in two sizes: 24” diameter drum (AW824) or 30” diameter drum (AW830)
  • Standard 7 ft. long drum will accommodate the largest of line hose
  • Heavy gauge, all stainless steel tank and drum construction
  • Automatic wash and rinse cycles
  • Formula 515 cleaner and Formula 516 coating beads are recommended
  • For washing: hoses, hoods, blankets, gloves, sleeves, cover-ups and jumpers (disassembled)



  • 230 volts, 60/50 hertz, 3 phase with ground, 30 amps
  • Level concrete floor (recommended)
  • Water line with minimum of 60 psi
  • Floor drain



  • Model AW824: 11’-0”W x 3’-0”D x 3’-6”H
  • Model AW830: 11’-0”W x 3’-0”D x 3’-6”H



  • Model AW824: 2,400 lbs. net weight
  • Model AW830: 2,900 lbs. net weight



  • Model AW824: 200 lbs.
  • Model AW830: 250 lbs.

Hanco Line Hose Washer (Model LHW4)

Increase your productivity by eliminating difficult manual labor.


Features & Benefits:

  • Dramatically increased productivity
  • Extended reach to scrub all lengths of line hose
  • Fast brush changes with NO TOOLS REQUIRED
  • Self-contained unit can be mounted on a table
  • Clear polycarbonate shield to protect operator and support line hose
  • Three brushes of your choice included with unit



  • GFCI protected for operator safety
  • Illuminated on/off switch with circuit breaker
  • 14 gauge stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty nickel-plated bearing for maximum durability
  • 137 RPM brush speed
  • 120 volt, 50/60 hertz, single phase, 8 amps
  • Weight: 120 lbs.


Brushes for LHW4 Line Hose Washer*:

  • Small: for 1” and 1 ¼” I.D. line hose
  • Medium: for 1 ½” I.D. line hose
  • Large: for 2” I.D. line hose
  • Extra-Large: for 2 ½” I.D. line hose
  • Includes brush welded to new shaft


*When ordering new brushes, specify small, medium, large or extra-large.

Automated Hanco Rubber Goods Dryers

Hanco manufactures dedicated rubber goods dryers as well as carrying electronic tumble style dryers manufactured and engineered for long-lasting industrial applications.


  • Hanco manufactures dryers dedicated to gloves and sleeves in open or enclosed cabinets.
  • Models can dry 16, 32 or 48 gloves/sleeves in the open style or 12, or 50 gloves/sleeves, or 54 combined items in the enclosed models
  • The glove/sleeve dryers contain built-in thermostatically controlled heating elements and air blowers which force heated air into the glove to assure fingertip drying
  • A door interlock system turns off heaters when the doors are opened, and the exhaust fan continues to operate after the doors open to prevent hot air from spilling into the room
  • Units are engineered specifically to dry rubber goods, especially extra-long line, and the racks are configured to allow maximum airflow around the rubber goods
  • Programmable microprocessor controlled tumble dryers are available in 50 lb., 75 lb., and 120 lb. capacities for all rubber goods.


Features (varies with model):

  • Digital temperature control system for easy operation
  • Simple start and stop controls
  • Easy to adjust digital time and temperature settings
  • Capabilities of 54 gloves/sleeves, 50 hoses/hoods, 12 blankets, cover-ups and jumpers
  • Standard 8 ft. long cabinet will accommodate the largest of line hose
  • Dual door cabinet with Lexan windows
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel and steel construction
  • Glove holders mounted on side walls to eliminate bending and reaching
  • Automatic shut-off cycle with thermal protection



  • 240 volts, 60/50 hertz, single phase with ground, 60 amps
  • Level concrete floor (recommended)
  • 14” exhaust duct
  • 18” of clearance on either side of dryer



In compliance with:

 and IEC, IEEE and

OSHA 1910 Standards

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