SUPPORT Hanco International prides itself in the best of technical support and on-site services. Technical Phone Support Please contact us at (330) 456-4728 for more information. On-site Services We will keep all of your Hanco equipment in top operating condition with a staff of factory electrical service engineers that travel to your facility. The following domestic & international services are available: Annual maintenance/calibration Supervision of installation Equipment start up and commissioning Operator training and certification Equipment service and repair Calibration of instruments and certification We offer our customers participation in an annual on-site service program which is provided by one of our factory service engineers. The program includes the following services performed at your facility: We calibrate, adjust and certify all meters on all of your Hanco test units. We will train your operators in the proper use of the equipment in accordance with ASTM/OSHA test procedures. The operators will receive factory certification. We will completely check out, adjust and provide maintenance for all Hanco test units in your lab. All meters will receive calibration date stickers and full checklists and documentation will be supplied for all work performed. Our annual program is inexpensive and it ensures keeping your equipment in top operating condition as well as to remain in compliance with ASTM standards (Section 18.3.1 Specification D120) and OSHA regulations (Maintenance Standard 1910). ASTM/OSHA requires that the entire test unit and all of its systems are checked at least once a year. Therefore, an annual meter calibration check is not in full compliance with ASTM/OSHA requirements. We will also make any necessary minor repairs to your equipment while we are at your facility. If parts are necessary, they will be added to the invoice only with your approval. Give us a call to further discuss our program and to obtain your cost or to schedule a call. Extended contracts are welcome! EMAIL SUPPORT AT:

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